Structural Genetics™

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Discover Bioinformatics
and Design with Structural Genetics™

The rational approach to protein design and expression can make the difference between a rapid, low-cost project with definitive results versus a long ambiguous effort of trial and error. When it comes to making a personalized product for one cancer patient, time is everything. We apply our Structural Genetics™ software tools for an integrated use of genomics, molecular biology, and manufacturing quality assurance.  

Rapid vaccine development for responding to emerging diseases, pandemics or bioterrorism is an area of high focus at the moment. Structural Genetics™ allows epidemiological, clinical and immunogenetic knowledge to be integrated in the design of the best possible vaccine products, while our AdCEV™/Egg manufacturing platform easily scales to any required level – saving lives, money, and time.

Structural GeneticsTM of Pathogen and Host

What You Can Get from Our Structural Genetics™ Services

  • Use Structural Genetics to analyze cancer causing mutations and their interactions with the immune systems; hereditary mutations and rare conditions at the DNA sequence level.
  • Use Structural Genetics to analyze pathogen genomics with novel tools for understanding variations due to:
    • Speciation
    • Evolution-Mode
    • Evolution-Tempo
    • Phylogeny
    • Zoonotic Transition
    • Host Physiology
    • Geography
    • Climate