EggPharm Manufacturing Solutions

Integrated Turn-Key Manufacturing Systems – the EggPharm

If you prefer to do your production in-house, we can assemble complete biomanufacturing facilities for manufacturing, from design through to construction and certification. Our network offers international Business Development & Consulting for both technology and business practices. We can help build concensus, bridging local and global health needs through international collaborative projects. We have experience working with clients, governments and agencies in Africa, North and South America and elsewhere relating to public health equity, agriculture and pandemic preparedness.

Operational Components of the EggPharm


Clean Egg Production

Eggs / Birds

Egg Bio-Processing

Bulk Fluid Protein


Biological Vaccine

AdCEV/Egg technology opens a variety of exciting new possibilities for introducing biotechnology into agricultural economies.

The EggPharm offers a unique and affordable solution based on the fertilized egg system. Using fertilized eggs is a well established industrial technology in the vaccine production industry, so extensive experience and expertise exists that can be applied to create fully compliant EggPharm projects anywhere in the world. Working with our industry partners, we can design and construct a fully compliant pilot scale biomanufacfturing facility — requiring only local power and water — is deployed close to a Clean Egg production hatchery or region to create a sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing operation.

Working with partners experienced in pharmaceutical plant design, configuration and manufacturing, we can implement a flexible, such semi-automated production facilities, and supply the inputs to produce one or more high-value products in the eggs. 

We specialize in systems that can be integrated in rural and LMIC  economies, empowering a distributed model of biopharmaceutical production for the 21st century. An EggPharm can offer rapid, and flexible deployment of production capacity for vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics that have been developed specially for you or licensed through our networks. 

Integrated with existing or planned healthcare or agricultural extension programs, our modular plants offer a resilient  replacement for cold-chains and expensive importation of biopharmaceutical products. Working with experienced partners Avril Biopharma can offer a complete development package including feasibility studies, facility set-up, engineering, start-up management and training to integrate production into any given local context. We can also provide staff training and on-going engineering and scientific support under a comprehensive management contract.