COVID-19 Response

Eggs are the most equitable platform for fighting pandemics because they are accessible and can support a distributed model of production resilient to supply chain disruptions.

Sustainable Preparedness for Rapid Response


Our commitment to fighting the COVID19 Pandemic and preparing for the next one is to support the international effort to develop, test and manufacture COVID-19 countermeasures. Our structural genetics bioinformatics model can help to surveil track and design effective vaccines to emerging variants. High fidelity antigens can be produced as recombinant subunits, VLPs or viral vectored vaccines using AdCEV/Eggs yielding a familiar starting bulk-product for downstream processing, Fill and Finish.  If you are looking for a way to scale-up your candidate vaccine for clinical testing we can work with you to develop production of Clinical Trial Lots in eggs.

Structural Genetics
of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Structural Genetics™ – offers unique approaches to understanding the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the threat it poses as it spreads into the human population. We are a new territory for this virus and as it explores the hills and valleys of our collective human immune system, we must be prepared for any loopholes in our ability to fight back.

AdCEV™/Egg Platform

AdCEV™ is a vector technology for expressing proteins in fertilized hen eggs. The AdCEV™/egg production platform offers a simple and scalable alternative to mammalian, insect, and yeast cell-culture based expression systems. AdCEV™ vectors can be used to make high-value biopharmaceuticals including subunit vaccines, Virus Like Particles, serum proteins, viral glycoproteins, interleukins, rMAbs and a host of other valuable biological products.

Using our AdCEV™ vectors offers many attractive benefits including:

  • Simplicity and low cost
  • Rapid cloning & expression of recombinant proteins
  • Potential for milligram of recombinant protein/egg
  • Short biological production time 72 hours
  • Eukaryotic post-translational processing
  • Simplified purification from allantoic fluid
  • Rapid scale-up for production is possible
  • High level of biosafety and environmentally friendly

Avril Biopharma scientists are actively developing improved vectors for producing different types of protein-based biopharmaceuticals in the bio-friendly egg. Working with our industry partners, we can help you develop a commercialization pathway to egg based production. You can benefit from decades of clinical manufacturing experience that uses eggs and the most advanced vector, bioinformatics, and translational research technologies available for developing a high quality biological product.

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