AdCEV™/Egg –
from Micro-Production
to Macro-Production in the Same Platform

Making Molecules
for Health

Our AdCEV technology turns eggs into powerful bioreactors that can be used to make products for one person or a million people by easy linear scaling.

AdCEVTM/Egg is a simple technology for rapid manufacturing at any scale.

AdCEV can be used to make protein biopharmaceuticals in one egg or a million eggs with:

  • High yields.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Simple, safe and scalable.

Some Advantages of
Developing Your Product
with AdCEV™

  1. It can take anywhere from weeks to months to produce recombinant proteins using competing cell culture technologies.
  2. With AdCEV™ technology, the starting material is DNA, not frozen cells or live pathogenic virus! This makes batch production more efficient allowing for shorter production runs and easier scalability.
  3. AdCEV™\Egg technology is the platform of choice for biosimilar therapeutics and vaccines as well as novel products like AAVs and mRNA vaccines without sacrificing quality.
  4. Eliminate the “risk factors” of standard therapeutic techniques, such as tumorigenic cell lines, genetic drift in cell lines or viral stock, or microbial endotoxins.
  5. Reduces the financial risks of developing next-generation products by rapidly iterating and linear scale up to commercial production in a well understood biological production platform.

Make complex or simple vaccine and therapeutic products using the AdCEVTM/Egg platform

Viral Oncotherapy /



Engaging Our Clients…

  • Contract Research services offer our clients access to Avril Biopharma scientists, technologies and resources for discovery and translational research in fee-for -work model that can also include license and royalty agreements.
  • Contract Manufacturing services offering access to bulk GLP/GMP manufacturing of products we have developed.  We work with the best industry resources, to find a solution to your outsourcing need.
  • EggPharm Manufacturing Solutions. If you prefer to do your production in-house, we can assemble complete biomanufacturing facilities for manufacturing, from design through to construction and certification. Our network offers international Business Development & Consulting for both technology and business practices. We can help build concensus, bridging local and global health needs through international collaborative projects. We have experience working with clients, governments and agencies in Africa, North and South America and elsewhere relating to public health equity, agriculture and pandemic preparedness.

AdCEVTM/Egg has disruptive technology impacts at all enterprise scales.

AdCEV can be used to make protein drugs in eggs: x10 yield improvement! Wider range of products. Safe.

AdCEV-based High Thoughtput Robotic System can improve factory level processes for: Optimize faster, test, and commercialize.

Systems Level impacts on raw materials supply-chain: Globally distributed egg-based manufacturing already exists!