Our mission is to provide vertically integrated product development services to the global health community. We strive to have the greatest impact the rapid response to a new pathogen or biological threats. At AfriVax, we monitor the emergence of new pathogens through direct interaction with front-line actors responsible for finding solutions.

Earlier this year during the first stages of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Dr. Blyden met with the Assistant Minister of Health for Liberia Hon. Tolbert G. Nyenswah. We toured our lab facilities at Harlem Biospace in New York City and discussed the emerging situation in Liberia and how AfriVax gene technologies and expertise might be of service to the Government of Liberia. Dr. Blyden described some of the work he is doing developing diagnostic products for rabies testing — work that could quickly be adapted to produce test-kits and other products for Ebola virus.

The outbreak of Ebola has since expanded into a regional crisis that is threatening to grow to international proportions. AfriVax offers access to rapid protein expression services for diagnostics and research reagent production from sequences of these viruses.

The Hon. Tolbert G. Nyenswah (left) with Dr. Eluemuno Blyden (right), Founder/CEO of AfriVax.

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