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Unique platforms for manufacturing next-gen bioproducts.

Personalized Medicine for EVERYONE

Unique platforms for manufacturing next-gen bioproducts.

Future generations of drugs, vaccines and therapeutics will no longer be based on one-size-fits-all chemical formulations – they will be tailored to match your genes.

The future is NOW… Avril Biopharma can design and manufacture bespoke, gene-based synthetic biology products. Our nanotechnologies and business model are focused on simplifying manufacturing for next-generation medicines so that they are affordable to the widest number of people. We are developing technologies and partnerships to make complex, custom-made, medicines as easily accessible as ordering from the local pharmacy.

As a next-generation CDMO, we bring together three critical areas of design, consulting and production to deliver optimal results:

Sustainable Preparedness for Rapid Response

COVID-19 Response –
Local Immunity, Global Health

Eggs are the most equitable platform for fighting pandemics because they are accessible and can support a distributed model of production resilient to supply chain disruptions.

Our platforms, products and services support COVID-19 countermeasures efforts.

Structural Genetics™

Structural Genetics™ is our platform for bioinformatics encompassing genomic analysis through to designing blueprints for recombinant products. Our bioinformatics algorithms give novel insight into genetic and structural variation allowing us to rationally design and engineer new vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. We apply Structural Genetics™ to turn genetic sequence data into actionable drug and vaccine design decisions for personalized medicines or public health. For example, we can analyze the strains of emerging viruses like Influenza, SARS-COV-2 and others so that better vaccines and more reliable tests can be made to detect and fight the diseases they cause.

For years, pharmaceutical manufacturing has been about scaling up – bigger and bigger production to serve global demand for common vaccines and drugs. When it comes to personalized medicine however, the new challenge is how to scale DOWN.

The answer is AdCEV™/Egg Micro-Production Platform

AdCEV™/Egg –
Micro-Production Platform

Our AdCEV™/Egg platform is a scalable system in which to develop recombinant products under GMP or non-GMP conditions.

Through our industry partnerships, we can offer services in multiple steps of the translational pathway:

  • Non-GMP production for research products
  • Pilot scale GMP production in eggs
  • Purification SOP development
  • Protein stabilization and vaccine formulation

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Integrated Turn-Key Manufacturing Systems – the EggPharm

AdCEV/Egg technology opens a variety of exciting new possibilities for introducing biotechnology into agricultural economies. The EggPharm offers a unique and affordable solution based on the fertilized egg system.

Using fertilized eggs is a well established industrial technology in the vaccine production industry, so extensive experience and expertise exists that can be applied to create fully compliant Poultry Pharm projects anywhere in the world.

Make it in an egg.

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